Make Money With PTC Websites

What is a PTC website ?

Paid To Click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. Paid-To-Click, or simply PTC websites, act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement. You are the viewer.

Where to start ?

First of all, you need an PayPal account and a Payza account. There you will receive the maney that youwill be making on Paid To Click websitesTo register is very easy. Just click on the LINKS below and complete the forms with your data:
                                          PayPal                       Payza
What I have to do next?
Now you need to register on some Paid To Click websites. There is a list with the most trusted  Payd To Click websites on the internet. These websites are the ones that I use to make money with. You just need to click on the banners and you will be send automaticaly to the registration page:
1. Neobux
    This is one of oldest and most trusted Paid To Click website. Some guys are making thousands of dollars every month from this website. I make 800-900$/month pure profit.You have around 25 ads/day and they pay up to 0.001$/click as standard member and 0.02$/click as golden member.Minimum payout is 2$ and they pay instantly. You can achieve this by clicking all your ads every day, taking minijobs that pays you 0.04$-1$ each. Or you can complete tasks to receive Neopoints that you can convert to $. you receive  300-2000 NeoPoints for every task you complete. You can convert your neopoints to cash: 1000Neopoints=1$. If you click all your ads every day you will receive around 80 chances at AdPrize. What is AdPrize ? AdPrize is like a lottery where instead of buying tickets you click some shor ads and you have chance to win Gold Membership, 10$, 5$, or NeoPoints. I won Neopoints several times and one of my friends won a Golden Membership.

2. Probux

This is another trusted Paid To Click website, that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, that brings me around 700$ every month. In my opinion, this website has a big potential and I consider it on of the best Paid To Click websites around here. There are 4-5 ads/ day that pays 0.01$/click and another 20-25ads/day that pays 0.001$. And on top of that, you can make minijobs, complete tasks, complete offers to make more money. You have 20 chances every day at The Grid where you click on a square and you can win cash. If you upgrade you membership you receive more chances at The Grid, you can rent more refferals, and you will receive more good paying ads every day. It has same features as Neobux and more good paying ads. I recommend use Neobux and Probux together as they are the best and trusted sites of this type.

3. Clixsense
    This is a good Paid To Click Website. It has 10-15 ads every day and you are payd 0.001$ for for every view. After you click your ads you can make minijobs, complete offers, surveys, make tasks and make a lot of money. the pay instantly like the two Paid To Click websites from above. They have a good reputation for paying their members on time. This site also has The Grid were you can win money. I make around 300$/month with this site.

4. Goldenclix
    This is a new Paid To Click website that promise to pay well. You have 25-30 ads daily and you can earn up to 0.01$/click, depending on your membership. This website is simillar to Clixsense.

5. Nerdbux
    This is too a trusted website leaded by an experienced admin. You have 12-15 clicks everyday that pays you up to 0.02$/click, depending on your membership. This Paid To Click website is like the two ones from above. As an advantage, you can participate at Referals Contests and win some referrals.

I registered on all of them. What to do next ?

If you registered on all of this Paid To Click websites, that means that you want to make big money, like me. So I will give you some tips to maximize your earnings:
  • Click ALL your ads EVERYDAY. It will take around 5-10 minutes for every website listed above. On Probux and Neobux you need to reach 0.6$ to rent 3 referrals. For every referral that is rented, you receive a comision for his clicks. After you rented 3 referrals you keep clicking your ads to rent another 3 referrals and so on until you reach 100 referrals. with 100 referrals you will make good money. When you will have enought money in your account, you can upgrade your membership and you will double your earnings.
  • After you click your ads you can click on AdPrize in Neobux and you have chance to win golden membership, cash, neopoints. Remember that you will receive around 80 chances at AdPrize if you click all your ads (you receive 3 chances/ad clicked). You can click on The Grid on other Paid To Click websites.
  • Invite your friends to Join with you through your link.
  • Share my website link to your friends to help it grow. Thank You !

If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer.
Good Luck!
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